I am 20 year-old actor and am currently finishing up my sophomore year at Cornell University. I am originally from the island of Bermuda, but later moved to Philadelphia where I went to middle and high school. I have a substantial high school theater background and professionally played the supporting role of Jeff Prescott in the 2018 feature film THE MIDDLE OF X in 2018. I am actively auditioning for Film and TV projects and honing my craft.

I want to be surrounded by people who are not only passionate about their creative endeavors but also driven and motivated in their pursuits. I sometimes find it hard to relate to some of the actors at my college - Cornell University - because most of them are doing it as a hobby or for fun. However, I want to make a career out of this and being surrounded by people who want that too would be such an amazing experience.

Fun Facts

▪ Good smile

▪ I laugh a lot

▪ Motivated, driven, hardworking

▪ Runner

▪. Yogi

▪ Empathetic and Kind to others

▪ Can read a room