You’ve probably already heard that Kndrd’s Q3 CoLiving Industry Report has just been released-- and it’s already making waves in the market.

By collecting in-depth data from leading CoLiving companies across the world, Kndrd compiled two key reports: one deeply elaborate and detailed version reserved for contributors to the report, and one condensed version for the public to access.

This marks a landmark moment in the industry where CoLiving data makes its break into the mainstream. With a commitment to conduct and release these reports every single quarter moving forward, the CoLiving arena will never be the same. The essential data in these reports has incredibly valuable uses in validating the market, presenting to investors, tracking growth and practices, and identifying needs for improvement.

For CoLiving companies and operations looking to gain access to these key insights that have the power to differentiate themselves in the industry, feel free to contact Kndrd to be a part of the inner data cohort.

For those who want to view the public key insights report, it’s right HERE.


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