The rapid rise of a new sector in the real estate market is incredible to watch in many ways. It offers innovative and intelligent solutions to widespread problems. However, in order to sufficiently validate these demands now and in the future, an industry needs concrete statistics to reinforce its results and show projections.

While the CoLiving industry has certainly delivered on its ability to solve problems of housing in big cities around the world while uniting residents socially, it still falls short in terms of supportive data.

Kndrd is trying to change that.

Since this industry is catalyzing so quickly, the limited findings that exist from years or even months ago are already outdated-- and, not to mention, narrow in scope.

A market this substantial demands comprehensive data, not only for investors and industry members to project its value, but also for the everyday individual to catch on.

Facts and evidence reign supreme and should speak for themselves. It’s important for confidence in the CoLiving industry to not just be experiential but statistically proven.

That’s why Kndrd has decided to take the matter into its own hands. With a detailed set of questions aimed at understanding the present and future of CoLiving, it’s designed to find out how what CoLiving properties around the world are like, what pieces of technology they currently use for efficiency, and what operators want and need next to help them grow and best serve their guests and residents.

Current CoLiving founders and operators can contribute to the advancement of knowledge on the CoLiving industry by reaching out to complete the questionnaire to help build a more efficient and fulfilled society collectively. 


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