Coliving has long since been a popular movement among the young, single, and transient. And for many, this is still the case. But now Coliving is offering a family focus for those who want a bonded experience with children in the picture-- starting with Kin.

Kin is Common’s new family-based CoLiving building, which tailors the popular CoLiving model while making customized tweaks to make life better as both a parent and child. For example, Kin spaces include quality playrooms and on-site child care, as well as larger living units for families to enjoy. They say it takes a village to raise children, so why not create one in a city?

With the popularity of CoLiving spaces only rising, the one qualm that some residents have is the desire to start a family but still maintain the living environment they know and love. Now it’s possible to have both. After all, this new model not only allows parents to enjoy a more well-rounded lifestyle by accessing easy childcare and resource-sharing when needed, but also benefits children by giving them the diverse friendships and resources to thrive.

Kin is rolling out its first location in Long Island City, NY, but there’s no doubt that this will catch on. Not to mention, people are raising families in cities more and more nowadays, and this allows them to do so more easily.

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