LOS ANGELES, CA - March 7, 2019 - Revolutionary CoLiving software, Kndrd, has become part of the inaugural Techstars program, the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Along with only 9 other startups, Kndrd was chosen from a pool of hundreds of competitive innovators from around the world, representing the best and brightest of technologies that will define the future of urban environments.

Kndrd began in August of 2018, but utilizes years of development led by Rob Bertholf and Rene Schultz, 2 of the Co-Founders. Christine McDannell, the 3rd Co-Founder and CEO, hatched the main concept and market vision of how Kndrd would transform real estate and the way people live. Much like how Uber has redefined access to transportation, Kndrd is doing the same with housing by making it digital, automated, and flexible. A perfect solution for the global residents of our world.

“Kndrd’s early entrance into the CoLiving sector, combined with the CEOs thought leadership on the subject matter was an immediate draw for the program,” – stated David Mendez, managing director from Techstars.

The CLMS (CoLiving Management Software) solution is the first to launch, and has been growing at an unstoppable pace in terms of scale and usership. Despite this hectic time in Kndrd’s growth, the invitation to participate in Techstars was too valuable to pass up. Rest assured, Kndrd will not be slowing down by entering this program -- in fact, Christine plans to use this opportunity while in Amsterdam to expand and continue integration with the European and international markets. Since Kndrd’s goal is to cater to all residents across the world, this opportunity will allow it to even better tap into the needs of global residents and their respective pain points.

“It was important for Arcadis to find solutions aligned to the work we are already doing in cities. These 10 startups are identifying and developing experiences that will drastically improve - based on innovative applications of technologies - the way businesses and governments can meet the changing needs of people living in and around cities,” added Patrick van Hoof, Global Director Innovation at Arcadis.

Along with earning their spot in the Accelerator, Kndrd has also garnered the attention of leading CoLiving conglomerates for its capacity to provide personal, private-label solutions that power the management of hundreds of beds. On both the consumer and business-facing sides, Kndrd is turning heads. And now, with the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator powered by Techstars soon under their belt, it may not be long before it becomes a globally recognized brand.

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