As much incredible progress as we’ve made in the past months with Kndrd, it’s also important to us that we look ahead and imagine the strides we hope to make.

In fact, this isn’t just a statement of vision. The goals outlined here are real plans and processes already in the making. 

And that’s part of our process here at Kndrd. 

We begin with large, sweeping goals and refine them into actionable steps.

And then, one by one, the world begins to change.

We see a more futuristic society where usability and automation is on a whole new level… 


Imagine being able to use your smartphone to find housing anywhere in the world, just like ordering an Uber.

Just scrolling, clicking, and booking in a matter of seconds.

Sign a lease digitally with your finger on the phone and you’re set to move in.

Imagine the flexibility and improved way of life that people will have when they can literally go anywhere. No longer held back by an outdated system.

But this also requires a greater degree of confidence about the spaces we’re moving into.

With features like 360 degree tours and VR walk-throughs, residents can know exactly what to expect in every space.


Housing will never be the same again.

For the better.

We are also using technology so people can not only book and experience a space with confidence, but also become connected with others in an enriching and safe way.

With Roommate Matching & Personality Assessments to determine the ideal fit, people will be able to bond with new individuals across the world.

The result?

A more united, fulfilled, and optimized world.

And it all starts with a vision.


Our dedicated team is working hard this Summer building our next phase of Kndrd features to be released this Fall. 

So get ready.




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