Kndrd is never one to shy away from a challenge.

Especially when it comes to the CoLiving market.


When we realized there wasn’t much of a true organization to comprehensively sort all the major CoLiving spaces across the world, we knew it was time to step in.

But this wasn’t easy, and we were prepared for the crazy undertaking of categorizing CoLiving. 

So we settled on about 7 key categories that most spaces fall under. 

But here’s the thing: everyone claims to be "The Biggest!" in the CoLiving game. There’s about 5-10 companies that all pride themselves on holding the so-called largest spot.

With this in mind, our next graphic to be released will rank "biggest" in order of actual livable units with rent being collected. This is vastly different from all the projections we see nowadays. Everyone's focus should be on being THE BEST, not the BIGGEST. 

Throughout the process of compiling all these concepts, we also realized that there’s another similar emerging sector of accommodation that doesn’t quite fall under CoLiving, but involves closely related elements. 

These include: Serviced Apartments, Aparthotels, and Aggregators of Room Rentals. These guys definitely fit into the family of innovative housing and on-demand services that go beyond traditional ways of enjoying a living space.

So what exactly is "Curated Living" and why is the word curated on almost every website dealing with this new sector of real estate?

It’s probably because it plays into the complete evolution of the Real Estate market: Service over product.

People don’t just want the sheer square footage— they want the attention to detail, proximity, and efficiency that saves them the time of scoping out whether it’s the right choice.

And it’s working.

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