As humans, most of us are attached to familiarity. And it’s not our fault— there is a certain comfort in routine, both in terms of the spaces we occupy and the people we interact with.

But this also keeps us confined to our comfort zone. We’re limited in what we can achieve.

First off, living with strangers doesn’t mean being in a situation that is unsafe or unhealthy. It’s entirely possible to surround yourself with new, unfamiliar people in a way that doesn’t jeopardize your well-being. That’s the situation we’re talking about now.

In truth, living with strangers can be a wonderful thing. Here’s why:

1) Gain New Perspectives

It’s impossible to have a complete understanding of the world when you haven’t experienced its diversity firsthand. A limited scope and prevents you from connecting with the people, spaces, and ideas that make the world special. You’ll also find that living with strangers can help you to look at challenges in a new way that you haven’t before, helping you solve problems that previously stumped you.

2) Relationships

Surrounding yourself with new people is truly a gift. You learn how to connect with other humans and how to focus on the things that we all have in common, instead of what divides us. Engaging with strangers, whether or not you end up becoming close lifelong friends, always teaches a lesson. You learn how to build your own support system and how to be that pillar for others. The more new people you spend time with, the better you’ll become at connecting with others— something that will prove beneficial in whatever you do.

3) Advance Your Business

The sheer number and variety of people you’ll come across will exponentially multiply your network. Not to mention, each new person can offer unique skills and viewpoints that adds value and input to improve your projects in ways you may have never considered. Just imagine the kind of progress you can make when there are fresh eyes available whenever you need them.

4) Personal Growth

It’s hard to grow without challenges. The great thing about living with strangers is that you’re able to consistently challenge yourself in new and different ways. This helps you become a more well-rounded individual who is more in tune with the world around them. Most of us see the same people every day and don’t even realize that this consistency prevents us from growing and changing. On the flip side, living with strangers and new people allows you to be whoever you want without the restrictions of who you were yesterday.

5) Global Mindedness

When you’re stuck in the same mental and physical space, it’s hard to realize what else is out there or feel connected to it. Living with strangers expands your horizons and makes you think larger scale, reminding you that we are not separate from those in another city or country. This experience makes you a global citizen, tapped into the relationships and solutions of the whole world— not just your world.

6) Clarity

If nothing else, exposure to different people allows you to more clearly define what it is you want out of life. Maybe you come across people that exemplify what you don’t want, but that’s just as valuable.

All in all, living with strangers is a self-discovery experience that ends up giving you exactly what you need— that’s what makes it so beautiful.


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