The average commute time is one hour every day.

The average commute distance is 16 miles daily.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Now, it’s possible for people to head out to work without even leaving their building.

And we aren’t talking about working from home.

That’s right, the latest peek into the future of living & work is giving a whole new meaning to the concept of time-saving efficiency.

New constructions of high-end high-rises are built with the ideal life balance in mind, with everything at your fingertips. These buildings are split use, with luxurious living quarters on the higher floors and office or coworking spaces toward the bottom.

More and more people are deciding that quality of life is more important than traditional things like a house outside the city, demanding a long commute and hours of life wasted each day. While inefficient to say the least, this also takes a toll on our mental and physical health.

It’s absolutely true that time is our greatest asset. So why waste it? Residents in these intelligently designed, mixed-purpose buildings are enjoying less stress, more time to spend doing things of value, and more overall happiness.

This is the future of city living. No buses, trains, or taxis needed to go from home to the office. No more dedicating expenses to daily transportation just to make it to work. Instead, a seamless, efficient way of life, every day. By tapping into the sharing economy, this is all possible.

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