The numbers are in: the coliving industry has growi by 1000% from 2016 to 2021… in the United States alone.

It’s almost hard to digest.

And North America isn’t the only prospering market— not by a long shot.

Europe and Asia are seeing tremendous growth; not to mention, India alone has an exploding market topping $93 Billion.

But let’s put that into perspective.

The other markets with trajectory in similar ballparks:

  • AI
  • E-Commerce
  • IoT
  • Solar
  • Big Data

All of these are the industries we can’t stop hearing about.


But what’s the next step?

It’s taking these emerging industries and tying them other successful ones.

How can we combine Solar with AI?

Big Data with Ecom?

Real estate with IoT?

The more we think about it, the more it makes sense. And it’s completely possible.

But it all starts with a union: partnering with others to make the expansion touch more people, promote more progress, make more lives better.

And that’s what industry growth is really about (at least it should be :) ).

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