I have a story to share: Recently, I (very reluctantly) took Saturday 100% off for the first time since I can remember to finally recharge and hit the reset button since it has been non-stop moving since starting the Techstars accelerator program.

As most of you who know, I don't really watch TV or movies, let alone "Binge Watch" a whole series. There’s just so much that I’m always doing that these never make it into my schedule.However, here I am in Amsterdam, participating in the Arcadis City 2030 accelerator, and my attention is grabbed by the YouTube Originals science fiction anthology, Weird City, for obvious reasons.

In the future city of Weird, the middle class has disappeared and left only the rich (living “above the line”) and the poor (“below the line”). See where this is going?

It’s a short series, made up six 30-minute episodes, but aside from making me escape from real life for a bit, this also helped me future-pace how I think technology can advance and assist how humans live in big cities around the world, collectively, and not separated by different "wealth classes". It’s a long way off from where we are now.

For many, these ideas somewhat go against common concerns that people have about advancements such as AI and robotics which can be seen as threatening and precarious. In reality, I think robots and humans can collectively work together in a harmonious way to fill in the gaps that each of us excel in. It isn’t a case of "BOTS are going to take over", but rather than we can get incredible things done together by embracing our respective strengths.

It's so much fun geeking out on what our future cities can possibly look like and function, then reverse engineering how to get there and what we will need to do NOW in order to make that happen. This applies to SO many things our world needs, including meaningful communities, human interaction, efficiency, food supply, mobility, etc.

What are your thoughts below about how different major cities around the world will look like in the year 2030?  I know this does not sound like that far away, but when it comes to these exponential technologies, 11 years is a very long time and there’s so much that will be achieved within this span. Can’t wait to see what world we’re going to live in and (hopefully) be a part of actually creating it too.


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