In a world packed with global problems but also with widespread solutions, it’s hard to imagine why we still haven’t been able to tackle some of the biggest issues the world is facing, such as housing shortages, loneliness, and lack of fulfillment.

Kndrd was created to intercept these problems in a sustainable, mindful way that is built on its core pillars which will never be compromised.

What is Kndrd Building?

One of the biggest problems plaguing modern society is real estate and social challenges. People are signing away their paychecks on rent and feeling increasingly isolated. Kndrd’s goal is to solve these problems through the CoLiving movement by making it easier to book and manage these spaces so that everyone can catch on.

Kndrd is not just a CoLiving Management Software. While that’s one part of what we do, it doesn’t even come close to what we’re achieving and building as a whole.

That’s one of the reasons why we made our Directory and bookings completely FREE, unlike all the others out there which take a hefty percentage in order to do business. We want the CoLiving community to grow, whether it benefits us directly or not.


Our Pillars

Kndrd’s non-negotiable pillars are focused on being:

Globally Minded
In an increasingly digital and connected world, we’re committed to adopting an expansive worldview that regards each of us as global citizens capable of connecting with and supporting each other. In doing so, Kndrd seeks to unite like-minded individuals to instill a sense of community across borders and boundaries. We’re all just humans, after all.

We recognize that no solution is one-size-fits all. Our rich diversity requires diverse solutions. That’s why Kndrd makes it a point to reflect the variety of demands that characterize different parts of our world. We want everyone to feel welcomed and valued in a community that truly feels like home, wherever you go.

Kndrd also aims to step back and take a look at itself to continuously and thoroughly ensure that each move we make is aligned with our greater goals. We want to be a source of honesty and objectivity that never puts ourselves above our people.

Both physically and intellectually, Kndrd wants to make the most of our resources by saving time, money, and space through the sharing economy. Our product must be sustainable and efficient in order to stand as something we’re proud of. No short-term solutions here.

Despite the discouraging elements of our time, there are also SO MANY reasons to be hopeful about our future ahead. By reimagining our use of space and resources as well as injecting the most top-notch technology behind it, we’re excited to transform widespread problems into improved ways of life. And we believe it’s not too late.

Transparent & Authentic
It’s not all the time that companies genuinely prioritize the well-being of their people. Kndrd is committed to showing our true self at all times. Let’s face it, consumers are smart. They can tell when a business lacks real passion for their customers. Kndrd pledges to hold true to our cause— not only for the best interest of its users, but because we go to sleep at night knowing our authenticity is upheld.

Results Oriented
A problem can only be solved by actions and results. We want to take a systematic approach by not just pledging to provide a service— we will follow through to the end. Kndrd wants to guide its users through every step of the process to ensure that their goals are being met and surpassed.

Finally, Kndrd wants to always remember that life is about valuable experiences and having FUN. By enabling people to live more flexibly and with freedom, Kndrd is helping humans follow their own adventure and ultimately their own definition of happiness.


Kndrd believes that a fulfilled and flexible life is possible for everyone. And if we can make this a reality, we’ll know we’ve done our part.

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