Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum published a groundbreaking piece that touched on CoLiving for the first time. In this article, it explains how the widespread affordable housing challenges that plague millions of urban residents can be alleviated through this new movement. It’s exciting enough that the WE Forum is finally talking about CoLiving as a major viable solution, and even more exciting that they’re recognizing the role of tech in making this all possible.

This Arcadis article specifically mentions Kndrd as a leader in expanding CoLiving for a broader market to make this housing option more accessible and automated. We’re so incredibly grateful to have been noted as a positive force of change in this market.

The World Economic Forum lays out a set of system initiatives designed to organize action steps for a better world. These initiatives cover areas such as energy, education, food, and natural resources, but we noticed an area lacking attention: Housing. With every passing year we continue to discover just how essential it is to have housing that is affordable, accessible, and fulfilling to individual lifestyles.

And there’s no question that the housing situation now just isn’t cutting it.

That’s why we propose that the World Economic Forum update its system initiatives to include this crucial category. After all, housing is something that every single person unavoidably needs, and it must be done right in order for a city to thrive. It affects all other parts of a system.

All in all, this article was a huge step in the right direction— large-scale players are beginning to catch on to the fact that CoLiving is here to stay and it’s capable of making much-needed waves in an industry that needs it bad. And we’re more than ready to help make that happen.

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