When you set out to start a coliving space, you’re probably motivated by the exciting promise of a bonded tribe, affordable amenities, business expansion, and the potential for cost-free rent. While all these (and more) are totally possible, they can only be met by implementing smart methods. By taking in these quick pointers, you can create the BEST possible home that’s set up for optimal success. And that’s exactly what we’re striving for, right?

1) Home Heuristics

Drill it into your brain that your space needs to fit certain criteria and doesn’t have to fall into others. For example, your home doesn’t necessarily need to be the nicest one out there, but you definitely want it in a safe area. Prioritize that over the curb appeal and amenities, because those can be changed!


2) The Right Residents

Be sure to choose quality people to occupy the home. These individuals should add value and follow your mission & vision for the space. Don’t rush to fill rooms if the people residing in them aren’t a good fit. The people make the home, so take this part seriously because it’s definitely top priority.


3) Social Strategies

Don’t hesitate to post actual photos and events on social media to entice more applicants. This is an awesome way to generate buzz and give people a feel for what the place is like. Be sure to always run a priority waiting list for occupancy, even if you are fully occupied. This makes sure that you never have empty spaces costing you money.



4) Reasonable Rules

Lay out guidelines framed as ‘Resident & Guest Commitments’. This sounds better way than ‘HOUSE RULES’, right? Regardless, you need to have these in place so that everyone is on the same page. We’re happy to share ours for Kindred Quarters as an example if you need some realistic ideas.


5) Extra Events

Hosting events is the BEST WAY to recruit more residents and guests for your home as well as get to know the right people who fit the space. Go ahead and post the event publicly on sites like Meetup.com and Facebook to reach out to more of the public around your area. Be sure to personalize the event postings with the right language to attract your target audience.


6) Take Time

Designating time to bond with the others around you is important! Have a weekly dinner with your housemates on a set day each week to build your rapport and deepen the relationships between you all. This time can not only be used to address individual challenges in each of your businesses and professional lives, but also works as great bonding opportunities.


7) Tap Into Technology

So much amazing tech is out there to make your life easier nowadays. Why not use all these innovations to your advantage? Google Calendar, Trello, and Facebook Messenger are just a few which will streamline your systems and improve efficiency. All are great tools to hack together to run your home at top quality. These digital tools also allow you to find (and be found) by other prospective members who would be perfect for your tribe.

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