Want to hear something that just doesn’t make sense?

Legacy PMS systems were built with just the LANDLORD in mind.

But it's 2020.

Also, we shake our heads at the fact that some of the largest property management solutions have a CLOSED API…. Seriously?!?


We know that it’s more important than anything to serve the needs of your guests and residents and provide an unforgettable user experience that makes their lives easier. 

What Does This Look Like?

Imagine clicking a few buttons on your smartphone to pay your rent, put in a maintenance request, RSVP for the wine night at your community/building, even communicate with people in the property that you didn’t know existed who have similar hobbies?

These are the conveniences that we need to make mainstream for people.

Better yet, let's back up to when a guest first applies and moves into your home/apartment/coliving community….

  • Did they have to dig for every utility company in a new city?
  • Did they even know which ones to call to set up?
  • What about WiFi?
  • A moving company?
  • Dog walker?
  • Reliable house cleaner referrals?

The list goes on.

A Better Way?

What if it was just a few clicks, including directing to the right moving company, wireless access control, rental furniture (if any needed), transportation options (ordering a bike, a monthly subway or tram card, etc).

You know, all those things that people forget to consider before they arrive in their new neighborhood.

That's why at Kndrd we are building technology with not just the Operator/Landlord in mind but mainly the User.

Because at the end of the day it’s all about the guest/resident.

It’s about designing a user experience that makes life easier for them.



Because built-in convenience and connection through technology will keep your building occupancy high and your physical management costs low. 


Have You Noticed?

Nowadays, the success of a business is not always about the quality of their product anymore.

It’s about the experience and usability, and their ability to communicate that.

There are some amazing and innovative creations out there, but they aren’t mainstream.



A lot of times it’s because they haven’t taken that step to become desirable and user-friendly so anyone can intuitively utilize it.


The Demand

Companies need to create software and Apps that are delightful to use. That key into the wants and needs of users in all parts of their life and provide a seamless way to intersect them.

What should matter most to operators & businesses is the level of value & efficiency that you’re adding to their lives. We should build solutions that adapt exactly to their demands, not the other way around.

We should be asking residents questions like:

  • How do you currently pay your rent? 
  • Do you have to log into a separate portal for your HOA, or management company?
  • How about when your package from Amazon arrives, where/how to retrieve it?
  • When there is a maintenance issue or other problem in your space, how do you submit the issue?
  • And better yet, when you do submit a maintenance request, do they let you sumit photos, update you on the status, when someone is on the way, on the expenses associated? Or do they just make you wait for them within an 8-hour window that they give you to show up?


Check Your Phone Now...

How many Apps are on your phone or online logins do you have to deal with for different parts of your living experience?


How many notes on your phone do you have with endless lists of passwords for endless accounts you had to create, only to search around for way too long to find the login when the WiFi isn’t working?

  • Each Utility company?
  • Access Control?
  • Smart Apartment or IoT?
  • Lighting (Phillips Hue)?
  • Alexa or Google Home?
  • Temperature Control?


We’ve been there.

It’s all too familiar for everyone.

And it’s been accepted as a fact of life for some reason.

As if we as humans can go to the moon and cure diseases but not make housing easier.


Enough is Enough

Kndrd is putting its foot down.

We’re saying No.

It’s not fine to accept these inconvenient problems which add up to a whole lot of wasted time and frustration for tens of millions of people.

Kndrd is changing the narrative and changing the norm by creating a single solution for everything.

That’s right: One App, one login, one place to do it all.

Think of the time that people can carve out of their day when there’s no more need to mess around with logins and different Apps that they don’t even realize are taking up valuable chunks of life.


Long story short: we’re tackling this problem so people can go out there and do what they’re best at. 

Or do what they love.

Or just do nothing at all, but relax and save some sanity.

We like to call it: Living as a Service

...And YES, Kndrd has an open API so we can seamlessly integrate with other cutting-edge technology to create an even better user experience for everyone who uses our platform.

Because it’s time to give the people what they want and need.



P.S.- Let's throw back to Rent Roll from the early 2000's..... 20 years ago. Time flies!

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