Miami: it’s the vibrant beachside city of tropical aesthetics, incredible architecture, and an Art Deco style that has residents and visitors swooning. While might not be on everyone’s radar yet for the housing and real estate scene, it’s likely going to be soon. What’s so special about living in Miami? What are the drawbacks, if any? Read on to find out.

As the cruise capital of the world, Miami doesn’t shy away from lavish attractions that keep everyone entertained for as long as they desire. There’s certainly no shortage of eye candy here. In fact, it’s one of the few cities where people can relax on the white-sand beaches while next to thriving high-rises and a financial and economic boom. Downtown Miami actually has the highest concentration of international banks of anywhere in the entire U.S.

Surprising, right?

Most would assume that Miami doesn’t have much for the adventure and wildlife-seekers. However, it’s actually home to over 800 parks and is the only city in America with 2 national parks right around it. City dwellers rejoice-- head out of the busy downtown and into the endless parks for some much-needed balance.

Let’s not even get started on the climate. The warm, breezy weather in Miami is perfect for people sick of braving the cold and snow. It’s actually the warmest place in the country that you can be during winter.

For all the party-lovers, Miami certainly knows how to have a good time. It’s considered one of the top party destinations in the world, and offers a plethora of exciting nightclubs and attractions that puts others to shame.

We can agree that the pros of Miami are pretty obvious. But what about the cons? There’s really a single major one, and that’s housing. As places become more desirable, housing costs rise. This is always the case, but is frustrating nonetheless. Residents and travelers are hard-strapped to find a great place to stay that doesn’t burn a major hole in their pockets. In fact, affordable housing in Miami is more scarce than ever, but creative thinkers are coming to solutions.

The best answer out there that combines lower housing costs with more amenities and maintaining the ideal location? CoLiving. By choosing a CoLiving space over traditional housing options, residents gain access to the greatest network of communities, friendships, incredible parties, and luxurious features that would otherwise be way out of price range.

Just as it thrives in other cities, CoLiving is slowly but surely taking hold in Miami. One of the best CoLiving developers is X Social Communities. Their Miami location is decked out with lavish brand-new apartments that can be rented by bedroom, a huge modern gym and fitness studio, sky view dog park, two-level coworking lab, massive pool deck, lobby coffee and cocktail bars, and a packed social events calendar. Click here to inquire about availability.

It’s no secret why so many people love Miami, and why thousands more move here every week. Instead of missing out on the best that Miami has to offer, why not enjoy these luxuries by thinking smarter and doing what most people aren’t? CoLiving is our answer to an optimized life, and Miami is the perfect emerging example.


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