At the heart of the Silicon Valley, the acclaimed tech hub of the world, one might think San Francisco is all business and no pleasure. But they couldn’t be more wrong. The Bay Area is culturally vibrant and socially diverse unlike any other. It also thrives in professional opportunities, advancement, and all-around beauty. But the real question is: Does it merit the price? We’re about to find out.

Access to Nature

It might look like an intimidating urban jungle upon first look, but San Francisco is actually perfect for the outdoorsy types too. Mild west coast weather and clean air means that going outside is achievable AND enjoyable year-round. The same can’t be said for most other places.

There are over 200 parks within city limits that are well maintained and designed for public use. Lovers of both city and wilderness life rejoice-- SF offers you both.

Access to the outdoors is essential in a city where traffic and density dominate. Luckily, San Francisco makes it easy to find an scenic escape. Public transportation in the Bay Area is also an excellent option to beat the commute-- buses, streetcars, and subways can be found anywhere in town and are kept safe and clean.

Unmatched Industry

Centered in one of the largest growing tech hubs, there’s no doubt that bright-minded people flock here. This said, the streets bleed brilliance. Some of the largest and most well-known businesses are born and stationed here, including Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, and Uber, to name a few. In fact, Silicon Valley is the largest origin of wealth in a radius of 50 square miles than anywhere else in history.

Living and working with the masterminds of this new tech world has a huge impact on the operations of the city. There’s an infectious energy that boosts excitement and motivation among San Francisco’s inhabitants.

Endless Activities

Culturally, the city flourishes. As a major port for immigration and travel, there is no ‘normal’ part of town. The music, art, cuisine, and architecture have developed from a fusion of countless beautiful cultures. Only in San Francisco can one enjoy an authentic meal in Chinatown, head to a prestigious play at one of the many acclaimed theatres, then hit the Museum of Modern Art to experience some of the world’s most talented contemporary artwork. There’s an infinite list of what people can do, eat, see, and celebrate here.

But… It’s PRICEY

Of course, living in a city as great as San Francisco means that the cost of living is extremely high. Like unbearably high. Being such a desirable place to be, it makes sense that prices are competitive. However, living the comfortable and social lifestyle of the Bay Area doesn’t mean that you should have to break the bank entirely. And for people building their career here, rent costs are simply insurmountable. There’s got to be a fix.

Wait-- Affordable Rent is Possible?

Luckily, dozens of CoLiving properties are opening up each year, with various pricing options and accommodations to keep rent lower but amenities high. Whether you want to experience the dorm life with friends and activities every night, or just a private bed to sleep in with some great comfort food, there is a CoLiving place for everyone. On average, these CoLiving spaces save renters hundreds each month, if not thousands.

For those looking to live in SF with an enhanced experience and reasonable rent, look no further than concepts such as 908 Coliving, which provides optimal location around the tech and investment industries while offering flexible and reasonable rent options. The surrounding entrepreneurs and professionals living in this home also offer support and inspiration in a network-based society.

The social integration aspects of the CoLiving lifestyle complement the city and help maintain its exciting energy. With the rise of CoLiving, anyone from new tech employees entering the world of Silicon Valley, to the brave adventurer looking for something new, has an enriching (and maybe even affordable) place to call home here.



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