It’s safe to say almost anyone reading this has had a nightmare roommate situation. If you have not, count yourself lucky.

If you have, the reason things went south is simple; every issue can be traced back to whether you were living with a like-minded person.


Sharing a living space is an intimate experience, and the energy in that space can make or break your day. Going home after a long day of work seems dreadful if you are entering a negative atmosphere. So if this describes you, change that immediately! Entrepreneurs, as well as anyone who is a highly motivated human being, thrive off positive energy and don’t have the time to deal with negativity that can distract from business. So do not settle for a living situation that is not perfect and setting you up for success. 

Check out a few simple steps to help find your perfect roommate and create an ideal living situation:
1)Write down a list of the morals and values that you possess and what you are expecting out of a roommate, and be honest with yourself while writing it. Don’t just write the generic attributes i.e., “I’m clean and considerate.” Send this to them in advance and request theirs in return. Time is money, and if you can figure out ahead of time that it won’t be the right fit, don’t waste the time meeting in person.
2) If you and your potential roommate’s expectations are a match, set up a time to meet in person. This should not be a five or 10-minute meeting, because after all you are going to be living with this person and seeing them every day. This is a relationship, and it’s safe to say you wouldn’t begin any relationship (business, friendship, romantic, etc.) based off a brief meeting. Schedule time out of your day and be present. This is your best opportunity to connect with them and find out if they will be a perfect match.
3) Be completely open and honest. Beginning a roommate relationship based on what you think the other person wants to hear will set you up for failure. Communicate to this person exactly how your day typically goes, what your personality traits are and what you are expecting out of a roommate.Follow these simple steps and you will not just create a living situation you can survive in. You will create one you can thrive in.