Campus - Perth

Central City
Fitness Center/Gym

Campus Perth puts a twist on the college dorm experience. Every room breaths exciting life and opportunity, creating an environment for social and fun interactions. The variety of rooms allows residents to pick and choose their level of privacy and space. The property includes a gym, movie room, kitchens, and coworking spaces. It also lets residents create their own unique spaces within their rooms as well as the social environment they desire in the communal areas. 


Studio Bedroom

Private Bathroom Private Room Desk Lockers Storage

1 Platform Bed

$35.00 /night
Available Now

Twodio Bedroom

Private Bathroom Shared Room Desk

2 Platform Bed

$24.00 /night
Available Now

Campus 4 Bedroom

Shared Bathroom Shared Room Desk Coworking Space

4 Bunk Bed

$17.00 /night
Available Now

Cluster 6 Bedroom

Shared Bathroom Shared Room Coworking Space

6 Platform Bed

$26.00 /night
Available Now