Dojo Bali


Dojo Bali is a beautiful tropical coliving and coworking space in Bali, with gorgeous amenities and the supportive enviromnent we all dream of. This space includes TONS of events, extensive coworking features, and an international community of connections.

Coworking Space



Queen Room Bedroom

Private Room

Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 28 nights

Queen Wooden Bungalow Bedroom

Private Bathroom Private Room Cooling (Fan) Cooling (Air Conditioning) Desk

Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 28 nights

King Room Master Bedroom

Private Bathroom Shower Private Room Desk

Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 28 nights

King Wooden Bungalow Master Bedroom

Private Bathroom Shower Private Room Desk

Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 28 nights


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  • "Community"

    Dojo is a great place to get work done and collaborate with community members. I recommend signing up to dojo if you're about to launch a business and need some advice from other skilled professionals. The community here is amazing, they have monthly barbecues, wonderful staff members, cheap prices and a lot of comfortable seating in a tropical beach vibe venue.

    Zack Perdue

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