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Lille Downtown

CoLiving Spaces


Established December 2018

Sunergos is a CoLiving and CoWorking space in France full of residents who love to work and play hard. It is located in the beautiful, safe and quiet neighborhood of Nuñez, situated close to bars and public transportation.

Le Consulat

Established March 2019

My Name is Bernard: a unique name for a home but incredible all the same. Located in Lille, France, this place is all about the core foundations of sharing, diversity, serene aesthetics, and ecological consciousness. With fully furnished spaces and private bedrooms & bathroom...

Coliving Provence

Established February 2019

Staying in LifeX Paris includes a private room, handy services, and the opportunity to be a part of an amazing network across several major European cities. Every apartment includes wifi, tv, with a shared kitchen and bathrooms. Not only do co-livers get to live in a diverse city...

The Student Hotel - Paris

Established May 2019

The Student Hotel - Paris is a gorgeous home with countless amenities for exploring the city and relaxing back at home. With CoWorking spaces, bike rentals, a variety of private rooms to choose from and beautiful communal spaces, this home is perfect for every lifestyle. 

My Name is Bernard - Le Consulat

Established October 2019

Bienvenue! Located in the northern region of France bordering Belgium, Lille is known as a dynamic and hip university city with deep cultural roots. Markets, museums and a recent burst of coffee shops line the stone-paved streets. Young, creative and entrepreneurial, the city is...


Established September 2019

Station F - Flatmates

Established February 2020

Based in central Paris, STATION F gathers a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. For every startup, STATION F has a program. Housing is one of the main issues for entrepreneurs joining STATION F from outside of Paris. And that’s a problem we’re solving wit...

House A One

Established April 2020