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A welcoming coliving community for digital nomads, here&now offers a socially conscious space for like-minded individuals to pursue their best life. This location, situated in Brooklyn, NYC, is perfect for innovative professionals, digital workers, and self-starters. Residents even enjoy access to a bike for easy transportation, not to mention plenty of exciting events and a supportive, engaging atmosphere.

Central City Smoke Detector Cooling (Air Conditioning)

Located in the Brooklyn Neighborhood of New York

Brooklyn has been a favorite New York neighborhood for years due to its unique aesthetics and improved spacial availability. CoLiving is tapping into these benefits by offering affordable spaces in this growing neighborhood while expanding the amenities that residents search for.


Penthouse Bedroom

Heating (Fireplace) Cooling (Air Conditioning) Desk

Penthouse Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 30 nights

2nd Floor Bedroom

Cooling (Air Conditioning) Desk

Bed Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 30 nights

Ground Floor Bedroom

Cooling (Air Conditioning) Desk

Bed Platform Bed

Minimum at this price: 30 nights


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  • "Efficient"

    I'm loving living @ h&n. The people are awesome, the space is spacious and there are regular events. I end up saving so much money on food because there is always so much to eat in the communal areas. Maid weekly... cold brew/kombucha on tap. What else is there to ask for?

  • "Personal"

    TLDR; If you're looking for a way to quickly move to Brooklyn and be a part of a community of like minded creatives/entrepreneurs/techies, just speak to Avi and apply. I didn't end up staying here due to my plans changing, but the process I went through with Avi was amazing and impressive. They go through a thorough vetting process to ensure everyone living in the building will be a great addition to their community of entrepreneurs, techies and those who care about making an impact on the world. Avi is very serious about creating an environment that you'd want to live in. Going through the process of finding a new place to live in NYC from a different state or country was a HUGE PAIN. I needed to find a place to live in BK within a month due to a new job and I experienced shady realtors, fake listings, and even losing my listing that I put a down payment on. Here&now eliminates all of that and makes it easy to quickly move without having to worry about things like WiFi (extremely important) or transporting a bed. On top of that, the founder Avi is a genuine guy. I had many worries and questions about moving to Brooklyn, as I've never lived in New York before. But he worked with me and answered all of my questions without pressuring me to become a member. Receiving such great customer service in NYC seems rare, so the fact that here&now puts their potential members first is refreshing.

  • "Caring"

    After living in a different coliving space for 8 months, Here&Now represents everything a coliving space should be. I appreciate that management cares deeply about the community they are building versus how quickly they can fill rooms with random people. Also, there's cold brew on tap! I'm never leaving.

  • "Accommodating"

    I arrived a day prior to my dated checkin. Not only was my room ready, but they were kind enough to help me transport my luggage in an hours notice. I am truly grateful. The space is one of the nicest apartment i've ever resided in ( I have only lived in one communal space. This was in college.) My taste is more traditional. This space is much more modern, but very, very clean and nice. The artwork is very funny. After I settled in, I had dinner with some of the other guests and they we're so nice and welcoming! Everyone seems very fun and nice. My roommate is another person in technology. It was a pleasure to immediately have something in common.


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