Home for Creativity - Calabria


Home for Creativity in Calabria is situated in Montalto Uffugo (CS) at the of a hill and overlooking the beautiful valley of the river Crati. This property is nestled in the countryside and perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a stunning atmosphere while reconnecting with simplicity.


Bedroom 1 Bedroom

Private Room

Bedroom 2 Bedroom

Private Room

Bedroom 3 Bedroom

Private Bathroom Private Room

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Home for Creativity - Apulia Established January 2019

This H4C location in Apulia, Italy is a vacationers dream, occupying a huge villa with 8 rooms, a large coworking area, and full shared kitchen for everyone to use. The home also has a stunning garden, swimming pool, forest, tennis and soccer fields, bicycles, and trekking paths...

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