The Fizz - Bremen

Established March 2019

The Fizz - Bremen encourages a Coliving space that allows privacy without restricting anyone's sense of adventure and community. Each tenant gets a unique apartment that they get to make their own as well as common areas for cooking, watching movies, cleaning, and socializing. Th...

The Fizz - Cobana

Established March 2019

The Fizz Cobana is create a co-living complex in the most vibrant part in the city of Rotterdam, Katendrecht. Apartment sizes are between 38m2 and 70m2.  ​No one is alone for long with The Fizz – you quickly become part of the active and international THE FIZZ family....

The Fizz - Darmstadt

Established March 2019

Centered in the middle of a gorgeous German city, the Fizz - Darmstadt offers private apartments with kitchenettes as well as common areas for the perfect balance. Privacy can still very well be incorporated into Coliving, as this property shows. Also equipped with an on-site sec...

The Fizz - Frankfurt

Established March 2019

These student residencies are perfect for individuals who love both the community of Coliving and the privacy that comes from home. With fully furnished studio apartments that come with private showers as well as communal areas for weekly events and networking opportunities. The...

The Fizz - Freiburg

Established March 2019

The Fizz - Freiburg is the perfect home for adventurous and open-minded students. Each resident gets their own private apartment with a pantry, bed, desk, and shower as well as open common spaces for cooking, studying, working out, and socializing. The property encompasses fluidi...

The Fizz - Hanover

Established March 2019

In the center of business and opportunity, The Fizz - Hanover provides a perfect home to the students seeking opportunity. The perfect combination of privacy and comfortable common spaces to establish community. Each resident gets a private apartment that they can make their own...

The Fizz - Vienna Brigittenau

Established March 2019

The Fizz - Vienna Brigittenau is centered in a culturally exciting city while providing a safe home at the end of the day. Built for students, the property offers study areas as well in desks in private rooms and key cards for security. However, Vienna is not just about work. The...

The Gray Rock Inn

Established January 2019

The Gray Rock Inn is an historic, quaint, and homey space for explorers and travelers wanting an authentic experience at a budget price. It is located right in downtown Asheville on Biltmore Ave. and is an easy walk to breweries, music venues, art galleries, boutiques and restaur...

The Hatchery Place

Established January 2016

At the Hatchery Place, residents immediately feel a sense of connection and home. This space offers a cozy in-home coworking, coliving, and colearning space with unique personal designs that welcomes all conscious creative nomads, location-independent workers, and local creatives...