The Space

Established March 2019

The Space is a co-living house all about living and working all while making personal connections. Each tenant gets a unit equipped with a kitchenette, private bathroom, small closet, and comfy bed. On top of this, each floor has a game room, fully equipped kitchen and laundry ro...

The Student Hotel - Amsterdam City

Established December 2018

The Student Hotel is much more than a hotel: it's an integrated community of short-term and longer stays throughout key cites in Europe. The Amsterdam City spot is the centrally located flagship space is in the historic Trouw building. It provides the ideal base to explore the ci...

Tribe - SoMa House

Established February 2019

This co-living space embraces community and diversity. All about sharing ideas, the SoMa house hosts networking events and weekly dinners for its guests. The experience also includes fully furnished living spaces, included utilities, and an ensured safe environment. 

UKO - Paddington

Established May 2019

One of Sydney’s oldest and most sought after places to live, the leafy suburb of Paddington is the inner-city capital of all things fashion, art and hospitality. Paddington’s village feel has attracted artists, designers and fashion addicts for decades. Where heritag...

UKO - Stanmore

Established May 2019

UKO is a place that blends the concepts of work, stay and play into something more relevant. An anchor for curious people to explore, create and socialize.Each UKO is a collection of smartly designed studio apartments and friendly spaces, home to like minded individuals looking f...

UP(st)ART - Harvard House

Established January 2019

The UP(st)ART Harvard House is a gorgeous home in East Hollywood oriented around the joys of artistic creation, especially music. This space comes complete with a single-person sound booth, office space, printer, house computer, indoor stage, photo studio, and coin-op laundr...

UP(st)ART - Hobart House

Established January 2019

The UP(st)ART Hobart House is a stunning space in East Hollywood complete with a large recording studio, guitars, gym, office space, printers, computers, movie theater, photo studio, pod beds, coin-op laundry, and so much more. Live in the city while pursuing your passion at...

UP(st)ART - Hoover St. House

Established January 2019

Up(st)art on Hoover St. sits perfectly in the Silver Lake area of LA, with this home including a photo studio, office space, printer, house computer, hot tub, piano, guitars, outdoor hammocks, coin-op laundry, coworking space, and more. It's the perfect colorf...

UP(st)ART - Sunset House

Established January 2019

Located on the iconic Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, the UP(st)ART Sunset House has a large recording studio, guitars, office space, printer, house computer, indoor stage, photo studio, pod beds, and coin-op laundry, not to mention a killer location. 

UP(st)ART - Van Ness House

Established January 2019

The Van Ness House by UP(st)ART is a stunning home in Franklin Village packed with a large recording studio, electric drum kit, guitars, piano, office space, printer, house computer, outdoor hammocks, and coin-op laundry. There's even free fresh fruit from the trees- wh...