Blok - Brentwood

Established April 2019

Blok - Brentwood is located near some of the most beautiful and luxurious places in Southern California. Just minutes away from UCLA, this home is perfect for students. It allows tenants to have both privacy and social environments like a gym, fully stocked kitchen, and numerous...

Blok - Venice Beach

Established April 2019

Just a few minutes walk from the beach, Blok - Venice Beach combines the beauty of beach life and the passion of the city into one Coliving community. The property has countless amenities like Apple TV, Smart Home Locks, a 24/7 on-site concierge, gated parking, and so much more....

Blok - Westchester

Established April 2019

Blok - Westchester has all the amenities of a modern home with the social environment of a dorm. Every tenant gets their own room that they can make unique to their own as well as access to the many community spaces like the gym, fully stocked kitchen, and living areas. The entir...

Blok - Westwood

Established April 2019

Filled with countless amenities, Blok - Westwood is the perfect home for luxury and convenience. Equipped with meeting rooms and a 24/7 concierge, the property provides tenants with an all-inclusive Coliving experience. For an all-inclusive price, tenants get their own private ro...

Blok - Westwood Beloit

Established April 2019

Blok - Westwood Beloit is the perfectly comfortable home. Equipped with several community rooms and private rooms for every guest, Colivers get both the private and social aspects of Coliving. The property comes with electric car charging stations, high-speed wifi, apple TVs upon...

Blok - Westwood Margot

Established April 2019

Blok - Westwood Margot is filled with countless amenities and the perfect blend of luxury and a social lifestyle for networking and opportunity. Every guest has their own private room that they can make unique to themselves as well as access to a Business Center, Gym, Sauna, and...

Blok - Westwood Victoria

Established April 2019

Blok - Westwood Victoria is a home for people seeking a comfortable place to stay with a vibrant community. Located in one of the best cities in the world, Colivers have the opportunity to see everything and network with the most important people while coming home to a private ro...

CAASA Living

Established May 2019

CAASA Living

Casa Hamaca Residential Guesthouse

Established December 2007

When you want more than just a bed and some breakfast. Welcoming, Knowledgeable, Affordable. As anxiety-free as home can be. Mi casa es tu casa...My home is your home.. An award winning bed and breakfast in the heart of the the Yucatan. Casa Hamaca Guesthouse is: inclusi...

Haas San Francisco B2

Established January 2019

haas San Francisco B2 is a hackerhome located in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco. The home is walking distance from both the startup and financial districts, next to three train lines, a grocery store, shops and restaurants. We are a community of friendly, responsib...