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We've all heard the quote: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."
How would your life change for the better if you were living alongside of high-performers & hard-chargers? 
You'll be in a fully stocked house, complete with a personal chef and concierge, filled with like-minded individuals working to create an incredible life! You'll have the opportunity to join us on Monday nights (7-9pm) for our weekly mastermind meeting among housemates to take your life/business to the next level as well as host amazing events to generate revenue and build your network here in Los Angeles.
Plus, you'll be a part of the the KQ community for LIFE and will gain access to some of the best business tools + hacks out there.
This area in West LA is one of the most sought after places to live for entrepreneurs and is home to over 500 tech and startup companies including Google, Snapchat, Youtube, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Salesforce, etc. 
Our home is just a short 10-minute UBER from LAX and Venice Beach: Home of Abbot Kinney Blvd, happening dining spots and the good life.
We are also just a 15-min walk from the beach.
This is more than a home, it's a compound: TWO houses on the largest lot in Playa del Rey. The primary house is very spacious with four bedrooms, three baths and a large, attached three-car garage. The newly built secondary house contains a huge, co-working space with bathroom and upstairs is a private 1,000 sq. ft. 1+1 private guest house. 
There is also an awesome front, side AND back outdoor area, which is perfect for entertaining and hosting networking events. 
TONS of energy & positivity
5am workouts @ LA fitness
Healthy Paleo eating 
50/10 Work-Sprints
10-12/hr work days.... Some of us ;-) 
Goal setting + Goal Achieving
Monday Night Masterminds (7-9pm)
MONTHLY: 'Those that Inspire' Dinner Parties
CoWorking Parties
*"Can't" & "Should" are words not allowed in this house ;-)

Playa del Rey, Los Angeles

Playa del Rey is an affluent beachside community in the Westside of the city of Los Angeles, California. Since it is located right in the Silicon Beach area, which is home to endless tech and media companies, CoLiving thrives here as guests are able to network and live close to work while enjoying the community benefits.

Master Bedroom

Private Bathroom Shower Bathtub Private Room Heating (Forced Air) Cooling (Air Conditioning)

1 Platform Bed

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Bedroom 1 Bedroom

Shared Bathroom Shower Private Room

1 Platform Bed

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Bedroom 2 Bedroom

Shared Bathroom Shower Private Room

1 Platform Bed

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Bedroom 3 Bedroom

Shared Bathroom Shower Private Room

1 Platform Bed

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Private Bathroom Shower Entire House Smoke Detector Exterior Door Lock Heating (Forced Air) Cooling (Air Conditioning)

1 Platform Bed

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CoWorking Space Common Area

Shared Bathroom Desk Coworking Space

1 Air Mattress

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  • 0 "Productive"

    I lived at a Kindred Quarters house for six months in 2018. It was some of the most dialed in six months that I have ever had in my whole life, and I'll tell you why, and why I'd recommend you consider living in a coliving house just like Kindred Quarters. Not only are the Kindred Quarters systems so dialed in that you don't really have to worry about too much of the day to day decision making, it also has a lot of other benefits that help your state of mind, help your health, and then help your relationships. State of mind: the simplest way to explain this is less decisions equals less stress and anxiety, equals more productivity and mental energy to get stuff done through the day. Having a private chef, having a concierge that makes your bed and takes care of any odds and ends that you need done really frees up a lot of mental bandwidth for you to accomplish at a much higher level. It's great for entrepreneurs that really need to focus and hone in on the 80/20 of their business. Health wise, obviously having a private paleo chef is going to increase your health and vitality. Not having to worry about cooking is not only a huge time saver, but when you only have healthy food around, you create the environment for a healthy lifestyle. I can't recommend that enough. Just having the system dialed in. Kindred Quarters is designed for an optimal lifestyle, and the best part of it is it's a social experience. You get to surround yourself with amazing like-minded, growth-driven people that are all working on different areas, different industries of business that you can learn from and pull some knowledge into your business. Not only do you have the accountability, but you have the events. We had events all the time. This is one of the great things about Kindred Quarters is the community that it helps build. When you're at the center of the community, it gives you so many opportunities to meet so many new people. For me, I'm sort of introverted, so I like to do stuff on my own and really retreat inwards from my own thoughts in figuring out big decision in business, in life. But when I'm living in a coliving environment, I'm forced into the social situations that actually help me grow as a person. If that sounds like something you're interested in, I highly recommend coliving as an option for housing & community. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Dan Schwartz InvestorFuse
    Operator Response

    Thank you!

  • 5 "Transformative"

    As startup founders, we’re constantly flying; but the successful ones know where to land. For me, that’s been at the Kindred Quarters Entrepreneur House. Colife has been a critical part of my personal and nonprofit organizational resilience this past year. If you’re reading this book, my guess is you also are constantly pivoting, trying new ideas, rapidly scaling, flying through funnels, going from meeting-to-meeting, facing highs and lows in short spans of time, and managing staff. What helps give clarity to this chaos is having a safe harbor to not only rest your head, but colive with a tribe of mentors who support your great ideas and tell you when to give up the bad ones – including in dating! Colife gives me and my business hope to thrive, not simply survive. As peers, we can be vulnerable because we’re experiencing similar struggles, we have access to each other’s idea muscles during weekly masterminds, and we’re all positive. This “co-intimacy” at home helps refuel us to get back in the air and fly around the next day! One day, I was in the kitchen and over a casual conversation, I expressed frustration about building company culture in my education nonprofit. KQ resident Josh Isaak of Breakthrough Physical Therapy Marketing looked at me and asked one simple question, “so how are you going to approach it?” The truth was I didn’t know how to. Our staff worked remotely around Southern California and were mostly in the field mentoring youth. “We’re not in an office together,” I explained. Josh had a simple solution: “Town Hall Meeting.” Josh walked me through the concept and shared how it worked for his company. Since that day, I’ve held Town Halls weekly via videoconference so our entire staff can attend and it’s been game changing. The organic way that idea unfolded in the KQ kitchen is just one of many examples of coliving with benefits! I first learned about coliving when I met KQ Founder and Author Chrissy in Bali, Indonesia while rooming together during a service retreat. Have you ever experienced that feeling when you meet someone, you begin to observe them and something is really different and unique about them? That’s what happened with Chrissy. I quickly noticed how well she hacked her life. She had a very simple way of living, from forfeiting late nights to rising early, to keeping her hotel room space tidy and respecting mine, to meeting with other coliving experts in Bali while others were out shopping. I wanted to learn more about her entrepreneurial life and how coliving could support my goals. I quickly borrowed Chrissy’s “profit and loss” mentality and concluded that if I can think less about meal prep, utility bills, rent, laundry, dry-cleaning, social life and who I’m going to bounce my next big idea off, I can be more present to build a resilient organization. And that will benefit the girls faced with trauma that we mentor at Women Wonder Writers. It’s a win-win. Exactly a month from that trip, I began coliving in Los Angeles. Additionally, being part of the coliving/coworking world has opened my eyes to a new business opportunity and gave me the confidence to start my own coliving home. I’ve begun searching for a home close to a college in the Inland Empire with the goal of providing graduate students the opportunity to colive and cowork. Giving the next generation of leaders a safe harbor so they can fly high like us at KQ is possible because of visionaries like Chrissy and practical tools she sets out in The Coliving Code. That is what KQ is about. Together we can hack our lives to make the world a better place!

    Debra Mares Women Wonder Writers
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    Thank you so much for this kind video review, we love having you here Debbie! ~Christine

  • 5 "Optimizing"

    I'm the founder of 2X and I wanna give a quick shoutout to Chrissy and the entire Kindred Quarters team and talk quickly about my experience with Kindred Quarters. So I've known Chrissy for a couple of years now; this is actually the second house that I've lived in. I'm in the LA house, I lived in the San Diego house originally and just couldn't give a higher praise about the experience, about Chrissy. It gets smoother and better every single time but imagine just being able to work on your business and have some fun and rest and everything else be handled. Imagine what that's like, imagine having amazing events and be surrounded with awesome people and have that built in networking community and tribe all around you. And just have everything so dialed in. Well that's what's possible, that's what Chrissy's created here with Kindred Quarters and I couldn't say that's it's been... it couldn't have possibly be an easier and better experience, seriously. I've known Chrissy since the first entrepreneur house that I lived in and things have just been so dialed in since then. Amazing chef, amazing amenities such as a really, really high speed internet and amazing people around us. We have an event tonight, we have another event Saturday night. Like it's amazing stuff going on and I don't have to do anything. It's awesome. I can work on my business, play, and sleep. Like that's pretty much it and everything else is taken care of, so it takes out a lot of decisions that you need to make or most people need to make throughout the day and is just an awesome, awesome experience all around. You connect with amazing people, find your tribe, have more success than ever, have your life just dialed in so you can do more of what you really wanna do. That's it from my standpoint, the main significance and value of Kindred Quarters and the coliving communities. And I could not recommend Chrissy and the Kindred Quarters team enough. So contact her and get lined up for one of the many and awesome houses that are coming out. Be a part of this tribe, be a part of this community, and you'll forever be a part of the family.

    Austin Netzley GameChangers, Epic Launch
  • 5 "Organized"

    This was (is) such a great concept. Before your arrival, I would get a copy of Christine's book on Coliving. It provides a huge piece of the carbon footprint solution, while enabling those unlikely to be able to obtain such a standard of living, to do so. It is new, innovative concepts like Christine's that give me hope for the future, not only of this country, but of the world (my entrepreneurial/career focus for the past 25 years). As for the property itself: it is in a safe, clean neighborhood, and the home is impeccably clean and well organized. As a two-night guest, I spent much of my time (Friday and Saturday) barefoot on the beach (a short 15-20 minute walk from the home). Interestingly, I had miles upon miles of that beach to myself, as I walked for most of those two days thinking and forming my strategies for business and life (just as I do at home in the SF Bay Area). It was a home away from home. The long, medium, and short-term tenants were a definite plus. Coliving is here to stay: check it out!

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    Ron Karren
    Operator Response

    Thank you SO MUCH Ron for the kind words. We really enjoyed having you here at Kindred Quarters. Please visit again soon! ~Christine

  • 5 "Sanctuary"

    Staying at Christine’s was ultimate sanctuary! The place is in such a lovely area and the house itself is beautiful. After having been traveling for over 3 months we stayed at Christine’s as a treat and that it certainly was. Huge bed, stylish bedroom, massive bathroom! What more could you ask for? Oh wait... a jacuzzi bathtub!!! The full package. The outside space was also delightful to sit out on an evening after a long day with a glass of the good stuff. I would definitely recommend Christine’s place to anyone looking for the perfect nights sleep in a really nice area.

    Rachel Shoobridge
    Operator Response

    Thank you so much Rachel! We're so happy we were able to give you an amazing experience and welcome you back any time!

  • 5 "Proximity"

    Great space. Awesome people with ambitious ideas is a great amenity. Nice neighborhood to walk, bike and scooter around in. I got to Venice Beach multiple times on a scooter.

    Andrew Kamphey
    Operator Response

    Thanks Andrew! Love to provide an inspiring environment for others and glad you were able to explore the area easily. We hope to see you back! ~ Christine