Epic Entrepreneur House

Central City

Kindred Quarter's sister location (The Epic Entrepreneur House) is filled with highly motivated and game-changing entrepreneurs all living in a large six bedroom house. The house is filled with five different entrepreneurs, all doing at least six or seven figures a year in revenue and are all killing it in their respected businesses right now, bettering the lives of others, and creating a global impact one day at a time. You'll be in a fully stocked house, complete with a personal chef and concierge, filled with like-minded individuals working to build and grow your businesses! You'll have the opportunity to plan weekly mastermind meetings among housemates to take your businesses to the next level as well as host amazing events to generate revenue and build your network! Plus, you'll be a part of the the KQ community and have access to some of the best business tools out there!

Mission Hills, San Diego

Mission Hills is an upscale affluent neighborhood of San Diego, California, USA. It is located just south of the San Diego River valley and north of downtown San Diego, overlooking Old Town, Downtown San Diego, and San Diego Bay. Residents turn to CoLiving in Mission Hills for its ability to give guests a luxurious and beautiful home while strengthening their social network.

MASTER BEDROOM (2 beds) Master Bedroom

2 Bed 1

$50.00 /night
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**FULLY BOOKED**    We've all heard the quote: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."   How would your life change for the better if you were living alongside of high-performers & hard-chargers?    You'll be in a...

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