Morton Place - Chatelain


Morton Place Chatelain has a chateau-meets-loft style with natural wooden floors, graphic metallic window frames, and warm colourful wallpapers. The heart of the house features a large kitchen with several cooking stations adjacent to a separate dining area with access to the garden. The communal living room has deep leather chesterfield couches surrounding a large flatccreen TV. The Cottage at the back of the garden houses two large rooms. Amenities include a guest room for visitors, home theater, laundry room, and two smaller living rooms for reading, working or relaxing.

Morton Place Chatelain is located in a neighborhood that is sophisticated and chic, the Chatelain has Brussels’ best specialty boutiques, a popular weekly market and many a wine bar. Within a short radius of the house is a city supermarket, gym, bike share station and tram stop. 

Central City



Loft - City View Bedroom

Private Room

Platform Bed

Bedroom 1 - Main House Bedroom

Private Room Desk

Platform Bed

Loft - Garden View Bedroom

Private Room Desk

Platform Bed

Ground Floor Cottage Bedroom

Private Room Desk

Bedroom 2 - Main House - Garden View Bedroom

Private Room Desk

1sr Floor Cottage - Garden View Bedroom

Private Room Desk

Platform Bed

House Photos

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