Quarters Berlin

Central City

Located in beautiful Berlin, this Quarters location is situated right in the middle of Berlin Mitte and surrounded by inspiring fellow professionals. Quarters Berlin is packed with tons of amenities including reading spaces, laundry rooms, lounges, movie room, and of course clean and welcoming personal bedrooms.

Moabit, Berlin

Moabit, Berlin, is home to busy streets, young innovation, and plenty of CoLiving spaces designed to make city life even better. Guests choose Moabit for its historical richness, professional opportunities, and CoLiving presence.

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Quarters East Village Established May 2019

QUARTERS offers streamlined and comfortable coliving for young individuals, professionals, and community-minded residents alike. These spaces are stocked with private rooms, desks, full kitchens, and amenity-packed communal spaces to promote valuable social bonds in this shared h...

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From $58.30 /per person

Quarters Lower East Side Established May 2019

At Quarters, you can enjoy all the amenities you desire while remaining right in the city where you want to be. The Lower East Side location is complete with private, lockable rooms plus fast internet, laundry services, and plenty of coworking and socializing spaces. All of these...

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From $35.97 /per person

Quarters Chicago Established May 2019

Located in the city of Chicago, Quarters brings optimized communal living into the city with affordable prices, extensive amenities, and a valuable community. With a variety of room options ranging from personal rooms to entire individual apartments, Quarters has the right fit fo...

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Coconat Established May 2019

Coconat is an all-inclusive retreat for groups and individuals who are seeking a place to focus and work on themselves and their careers. For relaxation and clarity, the home offers meditative walks, a relaxing fruit garden and sauna, massages, and comfortable private spaces to c...

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GoLiving - Kaiserdamm Established June 2019

Charlottenburg is historically one of the richest areas in Berlin. Charlottenburg Palace was home to Kings and Queens, and Kurfürstendamm hosts some of the finest shops in all of Europe. Charlottenburg it is an area packed with history and culture.

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From 25.00 € /per person

Habyt - Friedrichshain Established February 2019

PROJECTS in Friedrichshain is a beautiful and curated series of 2 and 3-bedroom renovated apartments located in a former DDR building complex. PROJECTS homes include free weekly cleaning, all bills included in rent price, and even a community manager to ensure that your experienc...

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From 27.59 € /per person

Habyt - Ostkreuz Established February 2019

PROJECTS Ostkreuz comes with all the customary amenties such as furnished rooms and weekly cleaning. It features a collection of studios and 2-bedroom apartments right in the heart of one of Berlin's most up-and-coming neighborhoods! 

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From 25.00 € /per person

Habyt - Neukolln Established February 2019

PROJECTS Neukolln not only has clean designs and hassle-free rent; it's also got some of the best bars in town right downstairs. Upstairs in the units you'll find a series of 2 and 3-bedroom apartments shared with Berlin's finest. 

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From 25.86 € /per person

Habyt- Kreuzberg Established February 2019

PROJECTS in Kreuzberg is a clean, modern, and thougtful community. Residents at this space enjoy free bills included in rent, fully firnished bedrooms, weekly cleaning, rapid Wifi, and even a community manager to ensure that your experience is perfect. 

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From 27.00 € /per person

Staying in LifeX Berlin includes a private room, handy services, and the opportunity to be a part of an amazing network across several major European cities. Every apartment includes wifi, tv, with a shared kitchen and bathrooms. Not only do co-livers get to live in a diverse cit...

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From 22.93 € /per person

The Fizz - Berlin Established March 2019

The Fizz Berlin is your one-stop place for perfectly managed and personal living. With all-in-rent costs including a house manager, parcel counter, WiFi, and a communal kitchen, there is no shortage of amenities to make life easier.  This space also comes with study rooms, a...

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From 30.60 € /per person

The Student Hotel - Berlin Established October 2019

The Student Hotel - Berlin is located in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world all while providing countless amenities for luxurious and productive living. With beautiful private rooms and communal spaces for laundry, cooking, working and spending time with th...

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