As home to all things innovative and advanced in media, entertainment, tech, and more, Los Angeles is the key destination for travelers, experience-seekers, and thriving professionals alike. The diversity of experiences and opportunities for network growth make Los Angeles one of the most desired cities. This degree of demand for space make LA perfect for CoLiving, with limited real estate and demand for proximity. Since Los Angeles is a car-based city, CoLiving in this city is even more ideal for its ability to cut travel time and maximize activity.


There are 7 neighborhoods.

Playa del Rey

Venice Beach


Los Feliz


Silver Lake

Echo Park

CoLiving Spaces

  We've all heard the quote: "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with."   How would your life change for the better if you were living alongside of high-performers & hard-chargers?    You'll be in a fully stocked house, co...

PodShare is the newest inonvation in coliving, where residents enjoy personal pods to sleep in as well as flexible access to all other locations. Affordability and simplicity characterize these efficient and modern spaces, free of the utilities, maintenance, or membership costs a...

Located in DTLA, this PodShare location allows guests to enjoy the proximity and activity of living downtown while remaining affordable and efficient. Flexible nightly stay options and extensive common spaces allow individuals to personalize their experience.

PodShare Hollywood takes space sharing and flexibility to the next level with nightly pods that you can easily transition between locations. The extensive coworking space and low cost allows guests to enjoy all their favorite aspects of a collaborative environment at no disadvant...

PodShare - Los Feliz

Established December 2018

At PodShare Los Feliz, residents enjoy the welcoming flexibility of all PodShare locations while being positioned in North Los Angeles. Exciting surroundings, an immersive atmosphere, and plenty of nonstop action makes this space a favorite spot for good reason.

PodShare - Westwood

Established December 2018

PodShare Westwood is located in Los Angeles right near UCLA, making it the DormShare model of this housing concept. It is perfect for students looking to save on rent, study effectively, and surround themselves with fellow focused housemates.

UP(st)ART - Harvard House

Established January 2019

The UP(st)ART Harvard House is a gorgeous home in East Hollywood oriented around the joys of artistic creation, especially music. This space comes complete with a single-person sound booth, office space, printer, house computer, indoor stage, photo studio, and coin-op laundr...

UP(st)ART - Hobart House

Established January 2019

The UP(st)ART Hobart House is a stunning space in East Hollywood complete with a large recording studio, guitars, gym, office space, printers, computers, movie theater, photo studio, pod beds, coin-op laundry, and so much more. Live in the city while pursuing your passion at...

UP(st)ART - Hoover St. House

Established January 2019

Up(st)art on Hoover St. sits perfectly in the Silver Lake area of LA, with this home including a photo studio, office space, printer, house computer, hot tub, piano, guitars, outdoor hammocks, coin-op laundry, coworking space, and more. It's the perfect colorf...

UP(st)ART - Sunset House

Established January 2019

Located on the iconic Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, the UP(st)ART Sunset House has a large recording studio, guitars, office space, printer, house computer, indoor stage, photo studio, pod beds, and coin-op laundry, not to mention a killer location. 

UP(st)ART - Van Ness House

Established January 2019

The Van Ness House by UP(st)ART is a stunning home in Franklin Village packed with a large recording studio, electric drum kit, guitars, piano, office space, printer, house computer, outdoor hammocks, and coin-op laundry. There's even free fresh fruit from the trees- wh...

Cohause - Highland Park

Established March 2019

Highland Park is a fully furnished, convenient house located in the heart of Los Angeles. Move in ready with countless amenities, this house is absolutely perfect for anyone seeking a comfortable lifestyle with a great community. The house has gorgeously furnished indoor and outd...


Established March 2019

BLOK houses are several properties across Southern California designed to support a flourishing community of bright minds and hard workers without creating just another dorm room. Every member gets their own entrance, fridge, and bedroom. They are encouraged to make their living...

Aviato Club - Burbank

Established March 2019

Aviato Club - Burbank is the perfect house for meeting other bright minds and exploring the best attractions of Southern California. Just minutes away from Disney, Universal Studios, and the New York FIlm Academy, this house is in the center of it all. Colivers can spend the day...

Called the Oasis, Aviato Club - West Hollywood Creative House is in the center of Hollywood's greatest attractions. Just blocks away from the Beverly Hills shopping mall and 15 minutes away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, colivers get the full experience while coming home to a c...

Aviato Club - USC/Downtown LA

Established March 2019

Aviato Club - USC/Downtown LA is just two blocks from University of Southern California and Downtown LA. There is no shortage of what one can do. When home, common areas, workspaces, and a fully equipped kitchen are free to use at any time. Rooms are stocked with clean linens and...