The following are the current and planned features for Clients.


$ 0 / mo
Community (Free)
8% Booking Fee
$ 90 / mo
4% Booking Fee
$ 327 / mo
0% Booking Fee
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CoLiving Asset Manager
$3 /month

CoLiving Asset Manager

Detailed Depiction of Home Features

Invoice Manager
$8 /month

Invoice Manager

Track and Record Invoices

Expense Manager

Log and Assign Expenses

Resident Onboarding

Easy Handling of Resident Applications

Reservation Manager

Manage Reservations and Schedule Cccupancy

$3 /month


Gain Insights Into Resident Data

$1 each

CoLiving Operator Logins

Number of Logins Able to Enter as Operator

$15 /month

Featured in CoLiving Directory

Gain Top Visibility for Bookings.

$4 /month

No ads in CoLiving Directory

Remove Ad Suggestions

$10 /month

Maintenance Manager

Organize Maintenance and Services

$4 /month

CoLiving Internal Resident Calendar

View All Coliving Activity At-a-Glance

$8 /month

Lead Management

Stay on Top of Leads for Peak Booking Efficiency

$10 /month

Notifications via Slack

Receive All Relevant Notifications on Slack for Efficiency and Turnaround.

$2 /month

Resident Testimonials

Streamline the collection and display of resident testimonials.

$5 /month

Speed Test

Location Speed Tests

$3 /month

Community (Operator)

Connect With Fellow Global Coliving Operators.

$3 /month

Community (Resident)

Engage with Entire Community of Residents

$0.5 each

Number Beds Maximum

Number of Beds Manageable

$5 /month

Resident Screening - Background Check

Integration with Outside Background Checks to Screen Residents

$5 /month

Resident Screening - Credit Check Integration

External Credit Check of Prospective Residents

$3 /month

Resident Testimonial Replies

Respond to Property Reviews as the Operator

$10 /month

Premium Reporting

Access to Complete Data Reporting Insights

Features in Development

The following features are currently in development and will be released in the order of their popularity. Cast your vote to help prioritize features you want to use the most!

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Client Relations Management

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Communicate with Residents

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Ensure that Ideal Residents are Entering the Home

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Screen Prospective Residents Through Their Peers

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Accept Payment off Any Platform

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Enjoy incentives for referring a resident.

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